Should You Get A Home Warranty?

You can get a Home Warranty on an existing home. Contact Country Home Real Estate to get more details.

Buyer Benefits

Buying a new home is fun, exciting and a huge investment. That’s why you protect it with homeowner’s insurance. But what about the items not covered by insurance: a water heater failure. . . a dishwasher breakdown. . . and electrical problem? An AHS Home Warranty is sensible protection and removes the worry of breakdowns with systems and appliances when you don’t know their history. The last thing you need is for an added expense after you settle on your new home. When a covered item breaks down due to normal wear and tear, we will send a contractor to your home to solve the problem. It’s that simple.

There is a 68% chance of a home system/appliance failure in a given year.
The average replacement cost of a home system/appliance is $1,319.
The average repair cost of a home system/appliance is $900.

“The AHS Home Warranty saves us a fortune. The repair work has always been great. AHS Home Warranties are too good a value to not take advantage of.”
-Ann, Houston, TX

American Home Shield® is the right choice in case things go wrong!

  • Our contractor network of pre-screened, licensed and insured contractors is the largest in the industry
    – saving you the hassle of finding qualified technicians in your area.
  • At AHS, customer service is our focus – We are here for you online and in our national call centers, allowing you to request service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • AHS is a ServiceMaster Company®, America’s leading provider of service brands for residential and commercial customers, including Terminix®, TruGreen ChemLawn®, Merry Maids® and many others.
Seller Benefits
AHS protects you from unexpected repair expenses

When it breaks, call us.

A home warranty can cover the Seller while the property is being sold as well as transfer to the buyer and cover them for a year starting at the date of settlement. Statistics show, on the average, there is a 12.5% decrease in the days on market when a home warranty is used. On the average sale ability and average selling price are also increased.

It’s simple. When a covered item breaks down due to normal wear and tear, AHS will repair or replace it. We get the job done to your satisfaction. And, we take car of the covered costs – you simply pay a low trade service call fee.

Your home is on the market and you’re preparing for it to be shown to a prospective buyer. To your surprise, the water heater bursts and water is trailing down the hallway. The average repair range on a water hater is $82-$197, and average replacement range is $415-$661. Without AHS’ listing coverage, this could be a major setback. With AHS’ listing coverage you can have an immediate solution to the problem.

Sensible protection against unexpected repair costs.

You home systems and appliances won’t last forever. In fact, the average life expectancy of nine critical home systems and appliances is 13 years, and the likelihood of failure in a given year is 68%. You can help protect yourself against many of these financial risks with an AHS Home Warranty.

Makes you home more marketable and attractive to prospective buyers
Helps reduce after-sale liability
Assists in home sale negotiations

AHS is the right choice in case things go wrong . . .
  • AHS is recommended by Realtors® twice as often as the nearest competitor.
  • AHS proudly offers AmeriSpec® branded home inspections.
  • AHS is a ServiceMaster Company, America’s leading provider of service brands for residential and commercial customers.
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